Sunday, February 4, 2018

Swim Team Update Week of 2-5-18

Good evening everyone,

Great performances by swimmers at Canton Champs and divers at Solon Invitational this past weekend.  The team saw 36 season best teams/scores set between the two contests.  Results for both invitationals are attached to this email.

For swimmers attending Sectionals at Spire this weekend, our schedule is included below.  Remember to get your rest and avoid the junk food as we taper!

Mon PM 2/5 - Swim practice 2:45-5:00pm
Tue AM 2/6 - Swim practice 5:45-6:45am (optional for makeup, must schedule with me)
Tue PM 2/6 - Swim practice 2:45-5:00pm
Wed AM 2/7 - Swim practice 5:45-6:45am (optional for makeup, must schedule with me)
Wed PM 2/7 - Swim practice 2:45-4:45pm
Thu AM 2/8 - Swim practice 5:45-6:45am (optional for makeup, must schedule with me)
Thu 2/8 - Diving Sectionals at Solon, girls competition starts approximately 6:30pm (after boys competition)
Fri PM 2/9 - Swim practice 2:45-4:30pm
Sat 2/3 - Sectionals at Spire, meet starts 11:30am, bus leaves 8:00am
Thu PM 2/8 - Swim practice 2:45-4:45pm

Have a great week and Go Cards!

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Swim Team Update Week of 1-29-18

Good evening everyone,

I wanted to pass along information about arrangements for Coach Heller.  Each swimmer and family are encouraged to make what decisions on attending feels right to them.  Our dear friend and coach will be greatly missed.  Please remember that the school guidance departments, administration, and athletics staffs are here to help in any way we can.  Calling hours will be held this Tuesday from 3:00-9:00pm at Brunners Funeral Home in Mentor.  Funeral services will be held Wednesday at 10:00am at St. Marys Church in Mentor.  If students would like to attend the funeral services on Wednesday, parents need to call school attendance offices to call students off from school.

With the final dual meets of the season, both teams went 3-1 on the weekend.  This improves the ladies record to 12-3 and the boys to 8-7 on the season.  From both meets, we saw 92 season-best times set this past weekend.  Great swimming!  Our schedule for this week is included below.

Morning practices at this stage of the season should only be attended if you miss a practice during an afternoon.  With the teams on taper, we are now gradually reducing yardage and controlled intensity to lead swimmers to a rested status before their championship meets.  On an organization note, swimmers are either attending JV Championships at Canton Timken this Saturday as their championship meet, or Sectionals at Spire on Saturday Feb 10th as their championship meet.  Remember swimmers to avoid junk food, pop, and try to get plenty of sleep.  Practices for those swimmers attending the JV Championship meet this Saturday will end approximately 30 minutes earlier than the listed time.

Mon AM 1/29 - Swim practice 5:45-6:45am (optional)
Mon PM 1/29 - Swim practice 2:45-5:15pm
Tue AM 1/30 - Swim practice 5:45-6:45am (optional)
Tue PM 1/30 - Swim practice 2:45-5:15pm
Wed AM 1/31 - Swim practice 5:45-6:45am (optional)
Wed PM 1/31 - Swim practice 2:45-5:15pm
Thu AM 2/1 - Swim practice 5:45-6:45am (optional)
Thu PM 2/1 - Swim practice 2:45-5:15pm
Fri 2/2 - Swim practice 2:45-5:15pm
Sat 2/3 - JV Championships at Canton Timken, meet starts 9:00am, bus leaves 6:00am
Sat 2/3 
- Swim practice 7:00am-9:00am

Thank you

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Swim Team Update Week of 1-22-18

Good evening everyone,

Great meet this past Friday!  Both squads split with Medina and Elyria.  Girls are now 9-2 and boys 5-6 on the season.  We saw an impressive 73 season best times set at the meet!  Results and top times have been updated on the team website at  

Our schedule for this week is included below.  

Our meet on Friday 1/26 will be our parent and senior night recognitions.  All swimmers will be introduced/photographed with parents before the meet.  Please arrive by 5:45pm and come to the pool deck so we can organize the process.  Senior bios will be read after diving and before the second half of the meet.

Reminder that the location of the meet Saturday 1/27 is at Brunswick.  We corrected that at the team meeting at the start of the year but there might still be some copies of the team information packet that include the incorrect location at Perry.

Last reminder is that mornings are optional unless you need to make up for missing in the afternoon or want to get in some extra practices.

Mon AM 1/22 - Swim practice 5:45-6:45am (optional)
Mon PM 1/22 - Swim practice 2:45-5:15pm
Tue AM 1/23 - Swim practice 5:45-6:45am (optional)
Tue PM 1/23 - Swim practice 2:45-5:15pm
Wed AM 1/24 - Swim practice 5:45-6:45am (optional)
Wed PM 1/24 - Swim practice 2:45-5:15pm
Thu AM 1/25 - Swim practice 5:45-6:45am (optional)
Thu PM 1/25 - Swim practice 2:45-5:15pm
Fri 1/26 - Meet at Spire, Start 4:00pm, Bus leaves 6:00pm
Sat 1/27 - Meet at Brunswick, Start 6:45pm, Bus leaves 4:45pm

Thanks and have a great week everyone!  Go Cards!