Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Swim Team Update

Good morning everyone,

Few announcements for the upcoming end of season meets.  Unfortunately the state athletic association sets a limit on how many athletes we are able to enter per event in the post season tournament meets composed of sectionals, districts, and states.  Advancing to districts and then states is based on sectional results (For girls this is essentially the 40 fastest times taken from all of the NE Ohio sectional meets combined, 30 fastest times for boys).  This may not be what you are used to in YMCA or USA swimming where if you hit a time at any point during the season it then qualifies you for certain end of season meets.  Ohio HS athletic association bases it all off of what you do at sectionals and from there districts.  We are allowed to enter 4 swimmers per individual event and 1 relay team per relay event.  We will fill those positions in the lineup based on best season time.  Relay spots will likewise be filled by best time.  For transparency in the process, all times can be viewed off of the team webpage under the top times section.  For any swimmer that will not make sectionals (and potentially those swimming only one event if they would like to), we will be entering them in JV champs.

JV champs are held at C.T. Branin Natatorium in Canton.  The meet will be on Saturday Feb 7th.  Warmups 7:30am, meet starts 9:00am.  No diving (all divers will be in sectionals).  Anyone not in sectionals will have the opportunity to swim in this meet.

Sectional diving is held at Solon HS Thursday Feb 12th. Girls warmup will be held from 4-5pm with competition starting at 5:10pm.  The boys warmup will begin after girls diving has concluded.  There will be one hour of warmup from that point.  After the one hour warmup boys competition will begin.  Please contact Coach Caimi for any diving questions.

The sectional swim meet will be held at Spire Saturday Feb 14.  Warmup begins at 10:00am and the meet will then start at 11:35am.  Seating at the competition end of the pool will likely be crowded with so many teams being there.  I would plan to arrive early.  The boys and girls meets are held at same time.  No prelims/finals, just once through the events for sectionals.  That will be the same for districts.  We have not received event info for district meet times yet but the meet will take place at Cleveland State University.

Schedule reminder for the rest of this week:
Wed 1/18 - Practice 4-6pm, bus leaves 3:15pm
Thu 1/19 - Practice 4-6pm, bus leaves 3:15pm
Fri 1/20 - Meet at Spire 6:30pm (senior/parent night begins at 6:00pm), bus leaves 4:15pm
Sat 1/21 - Dry-land practice at HS 8am-9am

Thanks and have a great week!