Friday, September 7, 2018

Middle School Season Meetings and Team Sign-Up

Good morning everyone,

There will be an athlete interest meeting at Shore MS in the Cafeteria Wednesday, Sep 12th right after school until 4:15pm.  There will be an athlete interest meeting at Memorial MS in the Auditorium Friday, Sep 14 right after school until 4:15.  We will pass out team information packets and schedules at both of these meetings.

Monday, Sep 17th there will be a parent/athlete meeting for both Shore and Memorial swimmers at 6:30pm in A-Lecture at the HS.  We will review all items for the 2018-2019 team at this time.

Everyone will want to complete the middle school team sign-up linked here so that you are added to MS team email list for the new season. 

If you cannot attend, copies of the information packet will be available online.  If you have any questions not in the team packet please contact coach at

Thank you and hope everything is going well!